A Woman

Hello :) I'm Jess, a designer making a living through my blog-turned-career, Design Seeds. I'm also a wife, mom, voracious reader, aspiring yogi, possible streetwear addict, definite music fanatic, and hopefully a surfer girl in my next life.

Welcome to A WOMAN YOUR AGE. A blog for women of every decade.

Age is not just a number, it is a defining digit that inexplicably messes with many aspects of all our lives. So why does age pigeonhole us to startling detriment? From “I’m too young to run for office,” to “I’m too old to wear that.”

Age is also a unique experience, and has a different meaning for each of us. However, society has an astonishingly limited scope as to what our reality should be through each decade, including a dysmorphic view on aging which creates a Cult of Youth. But if we keep grasping onto yesterday, aren't we going to have our hands full and miss tomorrow's opportunities? 

These are some of my thoughts which helped form A WOMAN YOUR AGE. Welcome to a space to revel in our truths. To share, absorb, laugh, and celebrate.

Creating the Stardust Sisterhood 

The chain of events that lead me to creating this project, began with my sitting awkwardly in yet another exam room, and being diagnosed with A-Woman-Your Age-Itis. After three doctors, in as many weeks, diagnosed my yearslong symptoms as simply aged related and not actual symptoms ... stick a fork in me, because I was done.

While seething on the crinkled examining table paper, I knew that my mom's, and now my, history with a misbehaving thyroid meant my daughter will probably face the same ... unless I did something about it. 

Despite a disciplined approach to what can be considered a pretty unsexy diet (vegetarian & teetotal), and dedication on the yoga mat (sweating it out on the regular), reclaiming my health necessitated an integrative approach, until ultimately finding the right doctor and diagnosis (hypothyroidism and hypertension). Much of the critical work in navigating back to well, was knowledge gained from other women's experiences. A tapestry of truths that helped it all come together.

One of the women I reached out to on my journey is Kate. We're sisters by soul, in-laws by marriage. Conversations with her inspired me to create a space for the Stardust Sisterhood. A space to share, absorb, laugh, and through our tales, hopefully create an anecdotal roadmap to help each other navigate the universe.