What's your frequency?


If there is one thing Laurel and Yanny taught us, it's that we share a reality, but can have an absolutely unique experience in what we hear. Everytime that audio clip is played, it freaks the crap out of my husband, and I exasperate the problem by turning to him to point out that I believe it is the most obvious proof that there really is a parallel universe. Every. Single. Time. 

My alternate universe tangent is not actually why I am sharing the anecdote, my point is that we’re either a Laurel or Yanny (or superhuman aliens who hear both). Aging is just like that audio clip. It’s an alternate reality with unique experiences for each of us. However, society and medicine have astonishingly limited scopes as to what our reality should be.

The same women’s publication sharing the virtues of being woke, are also selling creams to erase you, because skin deep beauty (in their world) has the bandwidth of about 10 years of a human’s natural expression. They fuel a pressure to desperately (and unrealistically) grasp the sands of your youth for the simple reason to sell you stuff. 

We don’t paint the autumn leaves spring green … why as a society are people so blind to the beauty possible in the full arch of our human lives? Does beauty have the same definition or value at 22 as 72? If we keep grasping to yesterday, are we going to have our hands full and miss tomorrow's?

My views on aging helps illuminate the catalyst for me starting A WOMAN YOUR AGE. I believe passionately that we need to take the wheel and write our truths, otherwise it is terrifyingly easy to get lost in the universe.

A WOMAN YOUR AGE is a space to share our experiences free of trolls and judgement. Share our stories with humor and laughter. Lots and lots of laughter, please. Imagine a space to learn and grow together. To find answers to help ourselves, and support each other. That’s what A WOMAN YOUR AGE is built for.

My hope is to capture as many voices and experiences as possible. And through our posts, my hope is folks can find empathy, see themselves reflected, or learn a new perspective they haven’t thought of before. And if we’re lucky to knock it our of the park on occassion, hopefully there will be some answers found for you in the wisdom of the Stardust Sisterhood.

So what’s your frequency?

What as A WOMAN YOUR AGE has been on your mind lately?

What’s interrupting your vinyasa?

What has you not feeling heard?

Or do you just want to share whether you're Laurel or Yanny? That's cool too.

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