Italian by Marriage


Things I have found to be (personally) true about Italy:

  • When the concierge says he'll be to your room with your requested item "in just a minute," it means he'll have it to you within the next day.
  • If you're not familiar with the train system, avoid it at all costs.
  • Pack with purpose, the fashion will not go unused.
  • The simplest meals will be the best.
  • The generosity of people is seemingly endless, and the amount of free food and drink gifted when dining out is spectacular.
  • It's relatively easy to learn how to read Italian because you'll naturally pick it up over time. However, speaking it is far more challenging.
  • Considering God spent a few extra days in Italy when doling out genetic charm, maturity gifted with age is incredibly handy since you'll eventually outgrow being tongue tied and blushing on the regular.
  • It's all about the color of the sunlight, and the way shadows dramatically cast.
  • Italy is nirvana.

I first traveled to Italy years before I took on my husband's name, when my love for the country, cuisine, and culture took root. I’ve spent some time vacationing there, but the majority of my time in Italy has been on business. And as arbitrary as it may sound, do you even realize the elation felt when I don't have to spell my last name, nor pronounce it upon check in? Anyone living with a name like Colaluca, can totally pick up what I'm laying down.

However, back to my travels and nexus of this post: within the cultural shifts of doing business in Italy, one thing in particular I’ve always envied, is the extended summer holiday enjoyed during August months.

Firstly, because who can be mad at a shutdown that spans weeks? And secondly, because August rocks.

Hands down, August is my favorite month of the year. Being a summer person through and through, I revel in soaking up its final days. August is also full of special dates including my husband’s birthday, and our dating anniversary. A dating anniversary may sound a little flakey when you’ve been together for 28 years, but I like to think that seemingly arbitrary celebrations are the glitter glue that keep our relationship together for nearly three decades.

So by license of my married name, and subsequent self-proclaimed “Italian-ness,” I’m adopting the extended summer holiday this year. I’ve been working like a mad woman to get “ahead” on Design Seeds, and launch new ROB.BOT merchandise on Amazon. And concerning A WOMAN, I’m pressing pause here until September, when I will return with more revels.

In keeping with this post's Italian party theme, a photo from Burano was chosen for today. Oh goodness how I wish I could teleport myself there in the coming weeks. However, the gorgeous prairies and fields in Wisconsin this time of year are not an entirely terrible consolation. And since the bounty of beauty is hard earned in these parts, I need to fill up my reserves for the inevitable depths of winter.

What about you?

What are you doing to help yourself slow down this summer?

Do you have holidays planned, celebrations to be enjoyed, or are you too, just pressing pause?

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