Holiday at Half-Mast


Summer is so my jam. Summer is sun, nature, flowers, water, family, and adventure. Summer is a series of celebrations, with mosquito bite souvenirs. Summer is bare feet and awkward tan lines. 

Summer is also gifted with a plethora of holidays, helping to string together weekends of get togethers, or in our introverted home, covert and indulgent time to chill with our tribe. Clandestine hangs spent listening to music, talking about what we're reading, and watching all our DVR is overflowing with. 

And with the summer drum beating on, we hit one of the more epic holidays. Although this particular holiday is riddled in rituals that we avoid the majority of, its symbolism has cultural weight, and we are grateful for the pause from life's monotony.

Except this year.

As the July 4th sneaks into our work week, smack dab right at the middle, it has such a melancholy edge for me this year. It feels like an interloper in a time of national division, tragedy, and heartbreak. 

How the heck can we celebrate a Nation unable to stand as one, and is causing such incredible harm to so many lives of citizens, the global community, and those seeking refuge?

I am already seeing the bubblings across social, a lack of excitement for celebration. And I am candidly cringing (more than usual) at all those posts, you know the kind, that chase every holiday with spectacular hostessing ideas brought to you by the site's corporate [insert cracker, sprayable cheese, etc.] sponsor. 

Now, is it just me?

Is anyone else feeling a major funk about the 4th this year? 

I made the comment last week to my husband that I never bought into a dystopian future. I have always believed humanity and intellect would prevail in our evolution. But in these times, I am starting to see the vulnerability in my optimism. 

So we both vented. Slept on it. And circled back to the topic the next night. We talked about what we can do to help change the direction our country is headed. The takeaway was that we will divert the time spent volunteering at the Food Bank, and help more actively in midterms. Protesting and donations have not cut it the past six years, and it's time to dig a little deeper.

So together, we came up with a fix, and this very notion helps me feel a bit more optimistic about what tomorrow can mean. Now when I say that, I'm still totally salty about the holiday, I'm just trying to not brood at this point.

In staring down what feels to be a tricky holiday for 2018, what's a way you're thinking to add a little funfetti to a seemingly half-baked cake?

How are you feeling about the 4th this year, and what are your plans?

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