Tucked away in the northern sky, the Triangulum Constellation catalogues back to the second century. This simple, little, and overlooked constellation was chosen to inspire our logo because we, just as the stars, are connected by centuries old truths. They may be hidden or obscured at times, but with a closer look, are easily revealed.

A shared truth for many of us, regardless of our decade, is being on the receiving end of the string of words; "A woman your age ___"

Our blog is changing the trajectory of words used to imply less than our awesome. Through our stories, we hope that you find pieces of your journey reflected, and invite you to join in with sharing your truths.


In an era of daily, hourly, and by-the-minute updates, our site is a return to OG blogging. A WOMAN YOUR AGE is a space to share, absorb, laugh, and through our tales, hopefully create an anecdotal roadmap to help each other navigate the universe.

Thanks for dropping by, and welcome to the Stardust Sisterhood.